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“The key words for Daniel Ward are range and depth of leadership experience.” 

With one click here, you can read my resume. There’s a lot of behavioral health and healthcare leadership in my background; my life experience and expertise is even broader. Here are some career highlights:

  • I’ve started several healthcare organizations, and managed several more (ranging from four employees to 2,000+);
  • Designed and supervised construction of 16 mental health treatment facilities, two large primary care clinics, and two large dental clinics;
  • Provided policy advice and research to Governors in three states;
  • Raised millions of dollars in grants and donations from philanthropists, foundations, and governments;
  • Coached dozens of non-profit and government boards;
  • Personally (as a psychologist) cared for over 4,000 people during their mental health crises;
  • Supervised the work of psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, dentists, family physicians;
  • Created and managed residency/internship/practicum programs for physicians, psychologists, social workers;
  • Managed and guided several hundred people in entry-level and paraprofessional jobs, in multiple organizations;
  • Written technical and scientific materials for engineers, chemists, airline pilots;
  • Taught 100 public librarians to write successful grant proposals, then taught them how to evaluate their completed grant-funded projects.
  • Led several healthcare and behavioral health organizations to their first Joint Commission and CARF accreditations.

…And, some life experience highlights that reveal my character:

  • Created a one-acre community food garden for immigrant farmworkers on vacant land adjacent to the clinic I led, the only such garden in a four-county rural region;
  • Trained law enforcement officers on non-violent behavior intervention and de-escalated adults during armed stand-offs and .hostage incidents with police;
  • Started a pop-up winter clothing bank that collected and gave away 500 winter coats and hundreds of children’s knit hats in its first month;
  • Comforted crying children in clinics during shots and dental work;
  • Provided daily care, for over a year, for a man with a severe traumatic brain injury;
  • Patched and painted clinic walls, and repaired broken furniture;
  • Worked side-by-side with inmate work crews on clean-up projects in facilities I managed;
  • Coached countless young people on human relations and communication skills.

“I found Daniel Ward to be a highly professional, well-spoken leader with integrity and commitment to his organization’s mission. He will be an asset to any organization he joins.”

Want more details? Click here: Resume – Daniel Ward.

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