Interim Management

Bad things do happen to good people…and organizations.

  • An illness or accident may cause a thriving business or non-profit organizations to lose key leaders without warning.
  • An ethical lapse or community scandal can quickly devolve into an existential emergency that threatens an organization’s survival.

If you find your business or non-profit suddenly in need of interim leadership, I can be your lifesaver. Here are some examples:

  • High-profile incidents brought community attention to a large county government department. The situation became more volatile when local news media learned of an official accused of mishandling funds. When a public board meeting became a televised physical brawl, the State stopped all funding and installed an interim management team. I served as a member of that five-person team to restore government services and public confidence.
  • A CFO in a non-profit was caught skimming funds to support a cocaine dependence. I oversaw the accounting work to identify the losses, retrained the staff, and helped the company institute appropriate controls.
  • Following a tragic fatal fire in a residential mental health treatment facility, the business that operated the program elected to go out of business, immediately.  In only 30 days, I led the legal work of creating two new corporations, construction to bring the 14 residential treatment facilities up to code, recruitment and training of over 100 new staff, creation of policies, procedures, accounting systems, etc.
  • Repeated wage theft led a Federal Judge to convict a software corporation of a felony. Because over 200 jobs were in jeopardy, the Court allowed the company to keep operating, with supervision. I was hired to help the owners manage properly, to maintain compliance with the Court.
  • A good-hearted Executive Director and Board of Directors had enabled their non-profit to provide additional services outside its mission. Within a year, the organization faced a cashflow crisis that required it to limit and suspend its core services. I helped Board and staff recover their focus, negotiated new support from its funders, and put it all back on track to thrive.

“Daniel is a man of many gifts. He can take on almost any challenge and excel at it. Daniel is a kind and compassionate person with skills in many areas from mental health to marketing.”

Is your organization facing a leadership crisis? Call 541-806-4076 or email me today!

(I will protect all such contacts as strictly confidential.)

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