It’s a mistake to begin recruiting for key human services leadership positions if you can’t reach a very large pool of diverse candidates and referrers, respond promptly to potential candidates, and wrap up your recruitment cycle quickly.

Successful recruitment requires, up front:

  • Concise timeline of tasks and deadlines
  • Job description
  • Appealing description of your business/organization and your purpose
  • Clear, concise, internal document that describes your vision of the ideal candidate

I’ll help you get those things ready.

Then, here’s what I offer—you can choose from these:

  • Professionally-written recruitment advertising
  • Ad placement on the Internet and in trade publications
  • Access to my nationwide network of over 10,000 human services professionals
  • Dedicated email address for your candidates to use
  • Dedicated webpage for your posting
  • Review and commentary of all applicants
  • Periodic progress updates
  • Phone, Skype, Zoom, in-person, first-round and second-round interviewing
  • Finalist scheduling
  • Collaborative interviewing or H.R. coaching with your staff or Board

Call me at 541-806-4076 or email me today!

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